INTERNATIONAL INTERNS USA, INC., previously known as Interns San Diego, Inc., started over 12 years ago. In May 1993 Chaya, IIUSA owner-to-be, hosted a German student, Stephen, who was studying at the nearby San Diego State University. When it was about time for him to leave, Stephen was due to go to New Jersey to do an internship and the internship fell through.

Chaya was then working at the Employment Development Department for the state of California and had contacts with many employers in the San Diego area, but none in New Jersey. Stephen really wanted to intern in New Jersey as his girlfriend was already there doing an internship, waiting for him.

Chaya said:

Find me five companies near where your girlfriend is doing her internship and I will get you an interview.

She got Stephen five interviews and he had three offers.

As he was leaving, Stephen said to Chaya:

This is the business you should go into and I am going to refer students to you after I get back to Germany.

And he did.

Today, IIUSA has grown to be one of the leaders in the American internship business. IIUSA finds internships across the United States for J-1, M-1 and F-1 training candidates from all over the world.

Bringing together dedicated host companies and professional international interns. That’s what we do.

Contact us to host an international intern and apply for IIUSA internships online.

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