Host Company FAQs

Here we’ll give answers to most common host company FAQs.


The intern pays our fee. We do not charge you anything.


That can take anywhere from six weeks to five months. Since we do not have control over the procedures at your company, the amount of time it takes for approval, interviews, and any internal paperwork adds to the equation. Getting training forms approved by the visa sponsor can go quickly or they might request changes. These and other unforeseen issues can cause the process to take longer. If all goes smoothly, your intern can be at your company in as quickly as six weeks.


Most interns want to come in for an 18-month period. Some are interested in shorter periods, such as 12 months or even 3-6 months.


If it is not working out, all you do is contact us and we will make arrangements for the individual to be placed in another company.


Yes. Sometimes we have interns who are available right away. If we have someone like that, we will let you know and you can conduct an interview. Otherwise, we will send you resumes of new applicants to review and interview.


For the short-term internships, pay is not necessary. However, for individuals coming for six or more months, it is recommended that they be paid a stipend.


There is no set amount. Most companies pay either a monthly stipend of $1,000-$2,000 or an hourly rate of $8-$12 per hour. Food and beverage has a different pay scale, as they receive tips.


They work 32-40 hours per week.


One of the biggest advantages is that due to tax treaties that the U.S. has with most countries, you will be paying no unemployment, no workers’s compensation, no health benefits, no paid holidays, and no employee taxes. With MOST interns, you will be merely paying them a base salary, which represents a big savings to your company!


It is the intern’s responsibility to take care of housing. However, we assist them in finding housing at first. We might ask you if you know of any monthly rental places or homes that rent rooms near your company. The only exception to this is with hospitality positions. Some hotels offer a room or room and board as part of the pay.


Read through the intern hiring requirements, use the contact form on this website to tell us about your company and we’ll get you started right away.  

Have more questions? Call us at 928-468-8591, chat with us on Skype or email us.