Intern stories

Over the past 10 years of matching US companies with professional international interns, we’ve heard quite a few amazing intern stories, which we will continue sharing here and on our USA internship¬†blog.

Since October 2004 I have been an intern at radio station in San Diego working in the field of marketing and research. I am helping with the launching of a new marketing strategy, analyzing data, promoting shows and communicating with show hosts and staff. Getting an internship in the USA with IIUSA was probably the best decision of my life. Next to the great work experience I am also learning to live in another culture and to cope with a different environment.

Franziska, 22 from Germany

IIUSA helped me find an internship in a law office in California. I learn something new everyday and I'm gaining valuable professional experience. I recommend IIUSA to anyone who wants to do an internship. IIUSA has been 100% professional all the way through the internship process from helping me with my resume to arranging host company interviews and helping me find a visa sponsor.

Maggie, 24 from Poland

Thanks to IIUSA I got a great internship that allowed me to live in America until the end of October 2004! I'm now back at home with the best memories after one year in the USA. I met great people, practiced English and French, and traveled to different places like Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Mexico and Washington. But most importantly, I got international experience in the finance field and made friends with people from all around the world.

Daniel, 25 from South America

In my final year at The Art Academy I needed to do my intership. I always dreamed of doing it in the USA, but it wasn't easy. I searched for a long time on the Internet, before I found IIUSA. They replied to me almost instantly after I had applied and found me a great internship in California. IIUSA helped me with everything, especially all the complex paperwork and visa sponsor arrangements.

Nathaly, 22 from the Netherlands