J-1 Tax Back

Dear Intern/Trainee,
Once you have received your 2015 W-2 form(s), you will need to file a US tax return.


It’s important to note that as part of your program in the US, you are a non-resident for tax purposes which means that your tax return cannot be submitted electronically. If you submit an electronic tax return online, the tax return will be incorrect and can jeopardize future visa applications.

International Interns USA has teamed up with Taxback.com to prepare your US Federal and State tax returns and make sure you are compliant with the US Tax Authority and receive the maximum legal refund. All you need to do is to:

  1. Use the Taxback.com free tax refund calculator to get a refund estimation.
  2. Apply for your US tax refund

The average US tax refund is $800!


Still haven’t received your W2 forms or have misplaced them? Do not worry – Taxback.com team can obtain replacements for you.



All the best,


International Interns USA