J-1 Intern Ten Years Later

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Here’s another intern story. Meet Nataly, IIUSA J-1 intern ten years later.

Ten years ago, I knew I wanted to be a designer and felt that Holland was, in my opinion, too small a place to get the experience I desired.  The United States clearly was my choice.  But, how do I do this?  I started Googling and low and behold, I found IIUSA.

Not sure at the time what my future goals would be, I applied for an internship in Graphic Design. You cannot imagine how excited I was when IIUSA found an internship for me in San Diego.  This was a dream come true.  IIUSA not only got me the internship, they were also responsible in finding me a visa sponsor and walking me through all the paperwork needed to get my J-1 visa.

I was accepted in a really great company in San Diego. It has been a long time since, but I still have the benefits from it. For example,

Having international work experience looks great on my resume. Just as important, however, is how it opened my mind to new ideas and perspectives.

Since my J-1 internship, I’ve been visiting the US almost every year.  I’ve also maintained contact with my host company, so that every time I visit the US, I drop by to say hi.

Some of the greatest advantages of my internship are the friends I made. I’ve met many wonderful people, and we still keep in touch.  So in short, I don’t have any bad experiences, only fantastic memories and lovely friends.

Today I work as a fashion designer and I am back in the States visiting on a B-1 visa which allows me to travel around and build up professional contacts.

So, now, as a professional, I benefit from my time as an intern ten years ago.

A little word of advice to all of you who are hoping to come the US on a J-1 visa and do an internship:  make sure you follow all the rules that your host company requires, especially starting on time and respecting their office equipment.  But mostly, work hard, play hard, and enjoy your time in the States. You won’t regret it!


This is a sample of my work which was published in Woman’s Manual in Surinam.

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  • Sanket Raskar
    Feb 15, 2014


    I am actively seeking Internship/trainee position in the US staring mid October 2014 for a period of 18 months for Inside sales/Business development roles in the IT industry. I have prior work experience working in the same market for about 1.5 years. I am hoping for your assistance to guide me through the process.

    Sanket Raskar Feb 15, 2014

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